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About C.B. Huesing

  C. B. Huesing graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S in Business and Finance from the highly rated Krannert Graduate School of Management at Purdue. He was a consultant and CPA with international accounting firms for more than ten years, the last of which he was a Principal at Arthur Young and Company.  He has also owned and managed small manufacturing firms in the Midwest.

C.B. Huesing is a member of Intertel, Mensa and Scientech. He is also a member of the Historical Novel Society, the Florida Writers Association, and the Indiana Writers Center. He is a Life Member of Purdue's Presidents Council.

Huesing served four years aboard the U.S. Navy destroyer, the U.S.S. Herbert J. Thomas, DDR 833,.in the Far East.


A long-distance runner, he has completed forty marathons including seven Boston Marathons.


He attended the Northwestern University Summer Writers Conference, the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Conference, and the Midwest Writers Workshop five times. Recently, he attended the Pike's Peak Writers Conference at Colorado Springs for the second time.

He spoke about his new international thriller at the Carmel (IN) Library Guild group in May 2018. 

Conferences in 2018 included the Midwest Writers Workshop in July and  the Killer Nashville Writers Conference in August.  The Midwest Writers Workshop was compressed this year to  1 1/2 days mostly with local speakers. The Killer Nashville writers Conference was a first-timer for Huesing and  he considers it one of the best he's attended over the years. It had lots of noted mystery, crime and thriller writers from all over the country. Very well done!

Huesing has written articles on business, hiking, and running.  His novella, "The Trouble With Cass", was his first piece of fiction. This Civil War era murder mystery follows the incredible life of Cass Brooks, a beautiful, powerful, and resourceful woman. The gripping story with its bizarre twist leaves the reader eager for more.


Huesing has now completed and published a full- length novel, "Kill Abby White! Now!", a historical thriller set in the Roaring 20s, 30s, and early WWII. The international thriller is available at Amazon and Barns and Noble. See killabbywhite.com.


He lives in the rolling hills of Indiana near the beautiful Wabash and White Rivers with his wife, Nancy.

New Book Release

Huesing's new historical thriller, "Kill Abby White! Now!" has been released.  Abby White and her fellow interns at the Chicago Tribune set out to find the big scoop to cap their collegiate careers, but they find themselves embroiled in a deadly run-in with the mafia that will follow them around the globe. The book delivers fast-paced, action-packed prose from Chicago's Capone to Hitler's Berlin.

GOOD NEWS    (9/9/2018)                                   

The global OnlineBookClub. org  has given a rating of 4 out of 4 stars in their "Official Review" of Kill Abby White! Now!

Excerpts from the review said "This  historical suspense was well-written and fast-paced. The author creatively crafted the plot around historically accurate events ....the characters were relatable and well-developed , especially the protagonist, Abby....I found no weakness to highlight this intriguing read."

The Trouble with Cass: A Civil War Era Mystery

An exciting and romantic mystery set in the Civil War era. Cass Brooks is a beautiful, intelligent, and resourceful young woman with few scruples. An underlying murder plot with an unforgettable ending makes this a great read.     

New Book Release: Kill Abby White! Now!

The Chicago Tribune journalism interns from Northwestern University get more than they bargain for when they go for the “big scoop” to cap their college careers. Abby White and her enthusiastic college friends have no idea their holiday search for a first-hand story would end up changing their lives forever. From Chicago’s Capone to Berlin’s Hitler, this intriguing historical thriller moves at a fast pace from beginning to end.  

Book Preview

Trailer for "Kill Abby White! Now!"